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Aluminium Profiles

LED lighting done right


High quality aluminium profiles specially designed for specific LED applications. Pendant mounted, surface mounted, recessed mounted,step edges, skirting edge,conner or slim cove effect profiles for LEDstrip with range of PCB widths. Aluminium pofiles adds easy maintainance and installation capabilities to your LED project. Diffucers help LED lights to dsperse evenly and elemiate ‘spot effect’ of LED installations.

Aluminium Coner Profile – AL04

Angle aluminium profile with 90 degree angle ideal for coner installations. Ideally used in indoor (IP 20) applications. Can be used in cupboards, wall edges, displays, cove lighting. Comes with diffuser and end caps. Sold per meter. LED 10mm PCB maximum width.

Aluminium Mini Profile – AL01

Slim profile with diffusser running over the profile seals the profile well from dust. Ideal for recessed or surface mounted applications. Best for decorative linear lights or pantry’cupboards,ceiling’decoration with slim lines of LED. Maximum  width of PCB 6 mm.

Aluminium Round Profile – AL45

Round diffuser with flat alluminium profile for LED linear lights designed for recessed, surface or suspended mount applications. Round diffuser aluminium profile designed for indoor use only. Maximum width of LED should be less than 23 mm.

Aluminium Skirting Profile – AL 24

Aluminium skirting board LED profiles are ideal for closets, wal edges or skirting LED lights installations. It can hold 12mm 

Aluminium Curved Profile – AL 32 

Aluminium profile with curved diffuser with edge caps suitable for general lighting indoor lighting applications. Ideally surface mounted with springed clips for easy installation. Aluminium profile can hold LED PCB widths up to 16 mm.

Aluminium Case Profile – AL 48

Aluminium case profile designed to hold two lines of flexible or rigid LED PCB’s up to 24 mm. Profile can be insatlled surface mounted or recessed. Ideally with spring clips or double sided adhisive tape.

Aluminium Square Profile – AL 42

Aluminium square profiles are ideal for suspended LED lighting profiles. It has grooves for hanging cables and inner space so easily install power supplies and cables. Aluminium profile can hold LED PCB up to 55 mm.

Aluminium Hanger Profile – AL 108

Aluminium hanging profile can be used in wardrobes & display cases or furniture. Designed to hold LED PCB width of 12 mm. Installation of profile needs special clips to hold bar.

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